Spoken English tips for beginner

There are so many easy ways to learn English spoken and make the learning enjoy!

Be confident and speak as regular  as possible to as many friend as you possibly can. Do not be confuse to make wrong! You can more practice the better and more confident you will become in your pronunciation and vocabulary, strong for speaking English.

When you don’t understand of a word or a pronunciation of a word, search in google It's easy to use! Enter the word in Google Translate and see to the correct pronunciation by clicking on the right path.

Listen songs in English to listen to the uttering of words. You can also learn new words and its details this way. If you listen more, you will learn more .

 By reading the newspaper or a magazine  yourself. Hearing yourself read will help you spot your wrong better.

Choose a word you would like to work on and use properly it in different sentences, paragraphs. Use the word until you have learnt it and keep using it everyday.

Watching movies in English and pay concentrate to new vocabulary and pronunciation. If you see English  movies, you can understand using place any word. 

Making friends with native English speakers to speak English and compare notes. Talking about things that you have learnt and increasing ideas.

Taking a cooking course in English or join a English club! Anything you enjoy doing, make sure you do it and communicate it in English.

The dictionary has millions of words to choose from. Find up different words and their synonyms and alternate how and when you use them in sentences.
Reading the above rule and to be expert spoken English.

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