English grammar use of article A, An

The choice between a and an is determined by sound. Before a word beginning with a vowel sound an is used; as,
            An ass, an enemy, an inkpad, an orange, an umbrella, an hour, an honest man, an hair.

It will be noticed that the words hour, honest, heir begin with a vowel sound, as the initial consonant he is not pronounced.

Before a word beginning with a consonant sound a is used; as,
            A boy, a reindeer, a woman, a year, a horse, a hole, also a university, a union, a European, a ewe, a unicorn, a useful article.

Because these words (university, union, etc ) begin with a consonant sound, that of you. Similarly we say,
            A one-rupee note, such a one, a one-eyed man.
Because one begins with the consonant sound of w.

Some native speaker use an before words beginning with h if first syllable is not stressed.

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