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Adjectives and adverbs are the main component of writing. It is  good to say that they “just add details”, but the details are what completes the communication of giving information to the reader.
As a normal rule, it is simple to identify adjectives  and adverbs .  The only caution one must practice is not confusing the two, as is commonly done in casual speech. To be careful, for example, not to use the adjective good when you should use the adverb well. Have a look at the example for anyone.
 Adjectives are descriptive words which are used to add details to a sentence. They can give  necessary information.They can just make the sentence more interesting or detailed .A frigid, icy, painfully cold wind blew around the town. Adjectives modify (describe) nouns.
Adjectives can be identified by asking what:
The girl is nice.
What is the girl? She’s nice.
Adjectives can tell the readers how much – or how many – of something you are talking about, which thing you want crossed to you, or which kind you want.
Please use three white flowers in the arrangement.
If we are using multiple adjectives which are commonly put together, there is no need for a comma between the adjectives.
Look at that sweet little example!
If the adjectives are not usually used together, separate them with a comma or conjunction.
I’m looking for a little, good-tempered cat to keep as a pet animal. My new cat is small and good-tempered.
Adjectives usually go before the noun  unless one of the following verbs are involved: be, feel, taste, smell, sound, look, appear, seem. In these cases, the adjectives work more like adverbs.
The boy is small.
The boy seems small.
For more examples using to be and sense verbs with adjectives,
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