How to learn English Speaking

English speaking is very important of student life, business communicate, Job sector etc. So every one want to learn speaking English.

English is an International language. English is the leading language in the world. There are some others International languages. But among them English is widely used.

It is a very much important medium of communication in the world. Many people in the world speak English and they use it as a common language. Most of the people of the world communicate in English speaking. The forces of English language in increasing in all branches of life including education research, business, mass media.

There are many ways of learning English speaking such as make friend and conversation with him, by reading Newspaper, Magazine, seeing English movie and English story etc. You can go to English club for exercise English speaking.

You have to raise your vocabulary store day by day for good speaking English. Vocabulary  is the main part of learning English. Because English vocabulary is the power of learning English speaking. If you have large store of English vocabulary then you will have complete 90% of learning English.

So I want to say,’ you will follow the above method to learning English speaking.  

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