Spoken English grammar rule

English grammar rule is very important for learning spoken English. English is an international language so we feel the necessity of learning English at every step. Its importance has been greatly increasing day by day. This is the only language of overseas business, communication, co-operation and co-existence. English is extremely necessary for the people in all walks of life.

To learn and to develop the skill of English we must know English grammar rule. English language is more familiar than other languages in the world. It is used almost everywhere in the world. Now-a-days, it is not only the language of England or America.

Except England and America. Many countries of the world have introduced English language as their official languages. In Japan English language played an important role in borrowing western technologies and ideas.

The importance of English language is increasing day-by-day. An English knowing person is honored everywhere. Whatever educated person you may be, if you don’t know English, you are not evaluated properly. Whenever you face any Embassy, English language helps you get the visa easily. If you then can’t communicate with the concerned person(s),then you may be rejected or it become very difficult to get the visa.

Learning Spoken English have many ways. Grammar is one of the best methods of all ways but to learn spoken English everyone must know English grammar rule.