How to learn English effectively

English is treated as alingua Franca to communicate internationally. it is widely used and accepted as a medium of international communication. It helps to get higher education. It is also helpful to get good jobs. Hence , the importance of learning English cannot be exaggerated.

To acquired a good command over English, firstly, one has to practice four skills listening, speaking, reading, and writing. One can develop one’s ability to understand English by listening to radio / TV or the conversation of the English speaking people.

It is a subconsciously, next a learner is to know the rules of the English language, sentence structure, usage of words ,etc. according to the language specialists, acquisition is easier and longer lasting than learning. Then, reading the newspaper will help one to learn English quickly.

A learner should enrich his vocabulary by keeping a note of unknown words. Finally, he must practice writing and speaking all the time. In this way, he can learn English effectively. 

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