Learning English easy way onlie

Learning English is the very important for conversation with different people like other foreign people. English is also important for higher education. Many website is created for teaching English. This website is like them.
            The first thing I would do after getting up everyday was to read the newspaper. It doesn’t matter which newspaper you read, as long as it is a major English-language paper, such as The daily star, The Time News, Independence etc. When different people have different opinions on the quality of each newspaper, they are all more or less equally useful in getting to learn the English language. It is also no  necessary to read all page . However, you should most definitely look for articles that interest and enjoyable you.
 I can buy a pocket dictionary. You can find useful word easily in time. There were many words I came across on a day-to-day occur that I did not know, and carrying a pocket dictionary everywhere allowed me to look up these words.
 Once learned, I also made a conscious effort to use the words in conversation. This applies the words in my head and I was able to draw on them.
 I offer some of my friends to come together and form something of a ‘conversation group’; we were all interested in learning English, and I figured it would make it easy and more enjoy for us to do it together. We met twice a week in the evening and making conversation. We had come across, suggested articles, magazines, and books to each other, etc for better learning English.
Other thing my group of friends and I kept in mind was the importance of learning English.  In the time our meetings, not a word of Bangla was uttered. This sort of commitment is absolutely necessary if you want to develop speaking English fluency 

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