Learning speak English conversation fluently

Learning speaking English have many ways. Conversation is the best and easy way all of them. You want to learn English easily, you can practices conversation everyday. Everyone can learn speaking English within short time by conversation English.

Give below the example,
Teacher: What’s there under your paper, pop?

Student : What’s what, sir?

Teacher: Lift up your arm. What’s this ?

Student: Oh, that ? That’s a grocery list…..

Teacher: Do you really expect me to believe that ?

Student: Oh, let me see that. Oh my God ! That must be my note. How did they get here ?

Teacher: I’d like to see you in the office.
                        (They leave the exam. hall and go to office) 

Student: I can’t, sir. May be someone  else left on my desk.

Teacher: Someone else! But how the hand writing is identical to yours? I’m afraid I can’t accept your       
               Answer to that.
Student : Are you accusing me of cheating ?

Teacher: Yes, I am.

Student: You can’t do that without proof. I’m going to call my friends…

Teacher: How dare you are ? I’m extremely disappointed in your behavior.  

Student: (grumbling to himself as he leaves) What a pig-headed, narrow-minded !

So I want to say,’ you will always practices the conversation for speaking English fluently. If you do this ,you can speak English fluently.   

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