English grammar comparison of adjective

English grammar is very important for learning English. so everyone have to read this below basis. 

Read these sentences:
            Rama’s  mangos is sweet.
            Hari’s mango is sweeter than Rama’s
            Govind’s mango is the sweetest of all.

In sentence first, the adjective sweet merely tells us that Rama’s mango has the quality of sweetness, without saying how much of this quality it has.

In sentence second, the adjective sweeter tells us that Hari’s mango, compared with Rama’s has more of the quality of sweetness.

In sentence third, the adjective sweetest tells us that of all these mangoes Govind’s mango has the greatest amount or highest degree of the quality of sweetness.

            We thus see that adjective change in form (sweet, sweeter, sweetest) to show comparison. They are called the three Degree of Comparison.

I hope you will success your learning english

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