English grammar the correct use of some adjective

Come back again for teaching you English grammar the correct use of some adjective. This is very useful  it for every reader.

Each, ever:
Each and every are similar in meaning , but every is a strong word than each; it means,’ each without exception’. Each is sued in speaking of two or more things; every is used only in speaking of more than two. Each direct attention to the individuals forming any group, every to the total group. Each is used only when the number in the group is limited and definite; every when the number is indefinite.

            Five boys were seated on each bench.
            Each one of these chairs is broken.
            Leap year falls in every three days

Little, a little, the little:
            Little=not much(i.e., hardly any ) thus the adjective little has a negative meaning.
                        There is little hope of his recovery,i.e he is not likely to recovery.
                        He showed little concern for his nephew.

A little= some though not much. ‘a little’ has a positive meaning.
                        There is a little hope of his recovery, i. e., he may possible recover.
                        A little tact would have saved the situation.

The little= not much, but all there is.
                        The little information he had was not quite reliable.
                        The little knowledge of carpentry that he possessed stood him in good stead.

Finally you follow the rule of above. I hope you can successful. Again I say English grammar is very important of learning English.

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