English Grammar easy way about adjective

 There are many ways for learning English so every element is part and parcel of English grammar.so please read the thins; 

Adjective: The parts of speech that modifies a noun or a pronoun in a sentence is called the adjective.

Kinds of Adjective

Adjective of quality (or  descriptive adjective)
            Show the kind or quality of a person or thing; as,                 

                        Dhaka is large city
                        He is an honest man.
                        The foolish old crow tried to sing
                        This is a Grammar or the English language

Adjective of Quantity—
            Show how much of a thing is meant; as,

                        I ate some rice
                        He showed much patience
                        He has little intelligence.
                        We have had enough exercise
                        He has lost all his wealth

Adjective of Number—
            Show how many persons or things are meant , or in what order a person or thing stands; as,

                        The hand has five fingers
                        Few cats like cold water
                        There is no picture in this book
                        I have taught you many things
                        All men must die.

Demonstrative Adjective---
            Point out which person or thing is meant; as ,
                        This boy is strong than Hari
                        That boy is industrious.
                        These mangoes are sour
                        Those rascals must be punished

Please practice the rule of English grammar

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