English grammar position of adjective

 I am again come back for your english grammar teaching, please read the following things

  An adjective used attributively is  generally placed immediately before the noun; as,

            King francis was a hearty king, and loved a royal sport.
            Where are you going, my pretty maid, with your rosy cheeks and golden hair?

Observe the difference in meaning between—
            A great nobleman’s son, and
            A nobleman’s great son/

In poetry, however, the adjective is frequently placed after the noun; as,
            Children dear, was it yesterday?
            We heard the sweet bells over the bay.
            O man with sisters dear!

When several adjectives are attached to one noun they are sometime placed after it for emphasis; as,

            There dwelt a miller hale and bold.
            The king, fearless and resolute, at once advanced.
            Franklin had great genius, original , sagacious, and inventive.

When some word or phrase is joined to the adjective to explain its meaning , the adjective is placed after its noun; as,
            He was a man fertile in resource.
            A sikh, taller than any of his comrades, rushed forward.

In certain phrases the adjective always comes after the noun; as,
            Heir apparent, time immemorial, lord paramount, viceroy elect, letters patent, knights temporal, notary

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